Become a Google Certified Educator Level 2

PLCO’s Google Certified Educator (GCE) Level 2 online cohort will help educators master Google Workspace, explore additional apps and prepare them for the Google Certified Educator Level 2 exam.

Pre-requisites for the cohort are either 1) Google Level 1 certification or 2) completion of the Level 1 cohort. The course will be facilitated by Google Certified Trainers Kristie Hughes and Chris Malanga. The course, which can be completed at your own pace, is open twice per year: April through August and October through February.

The course consists of eight total modules featuring on-demand lessons. Educators will demonstrate their learning through a series of activities to practice the concepts learned.

Following completion of the self-paced modules, participants are encouraged to take the GCE Level 2 exam. Information on how to register and study will be provided.PLCO

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the GCE cohort offered?
The cohort is open twice per year – April through August and October through February.
Is there a cost?

For a limited time, Ohio educators can take the cohort at no cost.

Is credit available for the cohort?

Educators have two options for credit – CEUs and college credit from Ashland University. Please see the CEU Information and Ashland Credit sections for more details.

What work do I have to do for this?

There are eight modules that make up the GCE Level 2 cohort. In each module, participants will work through a series of on-demand lessons. Educators will then demonstrate their learning through a series of activities to practice the concepts learned. More details will be available in the course.

What do you mean by self-paced?

Participants can complete the modules at their own pace. Modules will be available 24/7 during the time the course is open. All work must be completed prior to the date of course closing in order to receive credit.

When can I get started?

Cohort information will be sent the week before the cohort opens. If you have registered after the cohort start date, it takes 24-48 hours to get this info.

When does registration open? When does it close?

Registration opens twice per year beginning one month prior the course starting and will remain open for the duration of the course.

How do I register for the cohort?

Fill out the registration linked from the main GCE level 2 page.

College Credit or CEUs - Your Choice

If a teacher participates in the entire cohort, they will earn 24 seat hours of time (2.4 CEU) to be used toward licensure renewal. Following completion of all modules and verification of the tasks by the instructors, a certificate for 24 contact hours will be provided. We are unable to provide partial credit if the entire course is not completed

Alternatively, you can choose to receive two graduate credits through Ashland University for an additional cost of $370 ($185 per credit). More information about graduate credit will be available at the start of the course.

Cost Information

For a limited time, all Ohio educators may take the GCE cohorts at no cost. Educators in other states may pay for access to the cohort. Please contact us for details. 

Course Modules

Communicating with Your Class

Google Classroom is a great way to communicate with your students, but what about communicating with both internal and external groups? In this session, we will examine skills such as Blogger blogs and using Groups for both email and forum-style communication. Creating an effective Google Site to showcase information and student work is also a major focus of this session. 


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Productively Productive

With everything going on in our lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It’s time to get organized using fabulous free tools from Google! We’ll focus on topics such as making Gmail work for you, using Google Calendar as a communications tool, Google Keep for awesome notes and checklists, along with handy apps and extensions that will make your life easier! You will leave this session with some easy ways to make your life more organized!


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Travel the World with Google

Your classroom isn’t limited to your four walls! But in an era of reduced spending on education, how can you give students real-life experiences that they will learn from? Google tools can help! Learn to use Google Earth to build virtual field trips to anywhere on the globe! Google Translate will help students navigate foreign languages. My Maps allows for storytelling with maps, bringing history and literature to life. 


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Creating a Digital Classroom

Most classrooms have some access to technology whether it be 1:1 Chromebooks, iPad carts, or other devices. How can teachers leverage this technology to make a true digital classroom? Step 1 is to start utilizing Google Classroom to plan and organize your digital classroom. Then take advantage of YouTube to flip your classroom or provide video resources to students who are high-flyers and those who need a little more help. Broadcasting your lessons with Hangouts on Air can allow those absent to stay in the loop. Finally, we’ll look at Jamboard – Google’s digital whiteboard – which offers a rich collaborative experience for classrooms. Watch creativity unfold: everybody can collaborate on Jams anytime, anywhere.


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Analyzing Data

Teachers and administrators need to analyze student and other data, and Google Sheets is a very powerful tool to do that. In the Google Certified Educator Level 1 cohort, we covered the basics of Sheets, but in this session we will go much deeper into the capabilities of Sheets and how you can use it for data analysis. We’ll discuss features such as pivot tables, advanced graphing, and more. We’ll also explore how Add ons such as Flubaroo and Autocrat can be used to extend Sheets even more.


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The Many Modes of Forms

Forms in Education go way past just creating a class or parent survey. Forms can be used for evaluations, assessments/quizzes, and even choose your own adventure lessons. This module covers how to go past the basic uses of forms and discusses more of the advanced features. Learn how to put images as questions and/or answers, create auto grading quizzes with answer feedback, utilizing sections, and logic branching…aka choose your own adventure. Create non-linear forms with logic branching and allow your students to go to different sections based on the answer chosen.


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Searching Effectively

With so much information out there for our students, how can they be assured that what they are looking for is accurate and relevant? In this session, we will review how to do advanced searches and image searches within Google. We will also showcase some other Google research tools such as Books, Scholar, the Explore tool, and Google Trends. Finally, we’ll talk about using Drive to organize all your research.


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Choose Your Own Adventure with Google

Back when we were in school, education was one size fits all. Today’s students do not learn that way; we must give them choice and voice. In this session, we will look at some Google apps that will help students get a more personalized education. Whether you create a branched Form or a non-linear Slides presentation, you can truly customize the learning. Incorporating Google Drawings will allow those more visual students to demonstrate their learning too. We will also showcase some Add-ons to make these tools even more powerful and talk about how students can work collaboratively using all of these tools. Finally, we’ll look at MultiMedia Text Sets (MMTS), which are Google Docs on steroids that combine multimedia resources and activities. You may know them as HyperDocs.


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Google Certified Educator Level 2 Exam

The GCE Level 2 Certification Exam is three hours long. Exams are conducted online at a time scheduled by you.The exam cost of $25 is to be paid directly by the participant (we will provide further information). 

Please note: Participants may join the cohort even if they do not intend to take the Level 2 Exam.