Become a Google Certified Educator Level 1

PLCO’s Google Certified Educator (GCE) Level 1 online cohort will help educators to learn the core Google Workspace apps while preparing them to take the Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam. 

The course is facilitated by Google Certified Trainers Kristie Hughes and Chris Malanga. The course, which can be completed at your own pace, is open twice per year: April through August and October through February.

The course consists of eight total modules featuring on-demand lessons. Educators will demonstrate their learning through a series of activities to practice the concepts learned.

Following completion of the self-paced modules, participants are encouraged to take the GCE Level 1 exam. Information on how to register and study will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the GCE cohort offered?
The cohort is open twice per year – April through August and October through February.
Is there a cost?

For a limited time, Ohio educators can take the cohort at no cost.

Is credit available for the cohort?

Educators have two options for credit – CEUs and college credit from Ashland University. Please see the CEU Information and Ashland Credit sections for more details.

What work do I have to do for this?

There are eight modules that make up the GCE Level 1 cohort. In each module, participants will work through a series of on-demand lessons. Educators will then demonstrate their learning through a series of activities to practice the concepts learned. More details will be available in the course.

What do you mean by self-paced?

Participants can complete the modules at their own pace. Modules will be available 24/7 during the time the course is open. All work must be completed prior to the date of course closing in order to receive credit.

When can I get started?

Cohort information will be sent the week before the cohort opens. If you have registered after the cohort start date, it takes 24-48 hours to get this info.

When does registration open? When does it close?

Registration opens twice per year beginning one month prior the course starting and will remain open for the duration of the course.

How do I register for the cohort?

Fill out the registration linked from the main GCE level 1 page.

College Credit or CEUs - Your Choice

If a teacher participates in the entire cohort, they will earn 12 seat hours of time (1.2 CEU) to be used toward licensure renewal. Following completion of all modules and verification of the tasks by the instructors, a certificate for 12 contact hours will be provided. We are unable to provide partial credit if the entire course is not completed.

Alternatively, you can choose to receive one graduate credit through Ashland University for an additional cost of $185 per credit. More information about graduate credit will be available at the start of the course.

Cost Information

For a limited time, all Ohio educators may take the GCE cohorts at no cost. Educators in other states may pay for access to the cohort. Please contact us for details. 

Course Modules

Chrome, Search, and Support

Do you know how to organize your bookmarks in Chrome? How about tips and tricks in finding exactly what you are looking for? This module will highlight ways to make Chrome work for you. Learn also how to effectively set up your own personal settings and your PLN circles.


Products Covered:


Drive, Docs and Keep

Get organized in Drive, work effectively in Docs, and create lists in Keep. This module covers tips and tricks in Drive, ways to effectively collaborate with others in Docs, and make todo lists in Google Keep. Get and stay organized with Google Apps.


Products Covered:


Unleash Your Creativity

You may know about Google Slides, but it is way more than a presentation tool. You’ll learn the basics of Slides as well as how to make your Slides more engaging. Google Drawing is one of those tools that most people don’t know about, but once they are introduced, they love it. Let’s get our creativity on!


Products Covered:


Classroom Connections

Google Classroom is a great way to organize your classwork and communicate with your students. In this module, you’ll learn the basics of Classroom – setting up your class, adding students, and assigning work. You will also take a look at how you can use Google Groups to communicate with students, parents and other stakeholders.


Product(s) Covered:


Getting Organized with Google Tools

With everything going on in our lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It’s time to get organized using fabulous free tools from Google! We’ll focus on the basics in Gmail, Google Calendar, Tasks and Contacts, and look at how these tools integrate with one another. Work smarter, not harder and get your life more organized!


Products Covered:


Collecting and Analyzing Data

You can create surveys in Google Forms, but did you know you can also create assessments, and have Google grade it for you? Learn how to create effective forms, and how to collect and read the data in Sheets. See how you can easily sort and filter your data and provide visuals with charts. This module will help you in collecting and understanding your data.


Products Covered:


Video Instruction and Remote Learning

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all experienced video conferencing. In this module, you’ll learn more about Google Meet, Google’s online meeting solution. Get tips and tricks to make online teaching even easier. Everyone’s heard of YouTube, but did you know it’s more than just silly videos? Learn how to harness the power of YouTube to engage your students. Share videos, create playlists and more!


Products Covered:

Digital Citizenship and Sites

You know not to share your password, but how about other ways to be good digital citizens? How about your students? This module focuses on best practices for you, and also for students. Learn also how to create a classroom website for students, parents, or maybe even for your sports fans. See how easily you can organize your most important items on a Google Site.


Products Covered:

Google Certified Educator Level 1 Exam

The GCE Level 1 Certification Exam is three hours long. Exams are conducted online at a time scheduled by you.The exam cost of $10 is to be paid directly by the participant (we will provide further information). 

Please note: Participants may join the cohort even if they do not intend to take the Level 1 Exam.